Carrying the new energy world.

Adding the missing link to hydrogen supply chains.

We connect sustainable hydrogen sources in the Arab world with consumers locally and overseas – no matter whether through deserts, across oceans or mountains.

We enable to overcome complex supply routes as well as previous constraints regarding hydrogen safety and handling.

We are Hydrogenious LOHC Emirates

Bringing together the right expertise, we - EMIRATES Specialized and Hydrogenious LOHC Technologies – formed a strong joint venture to realize a viable hydrogen infrastructure.

We are the ideal solution provider for hydrogen storage and transport at any distances and scale – with a product portfolio of Liquid Organic Hydrogen Carrier (LOHC) based hydrogenation and dehydrogenation turnkey plants, O&M and LOHC logistics services.

In order to accelerate the hydrogen market ramp-up, we develop joint benchmark projects with regional partners.

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Superior LOHC applications. Innovation made in Germany.

Hydrogenious’ proprietary and ingenious LOHC technology allows for now establishing sustainable hydrogen value chains globally.

Binding the hydrogen to the non-flammable and oil-like carrier medium Benzyl toluene with a chemical catalytic process, the German pioneer allows for handling the gas in a flexible and superior safe, efficient and economically way. Remarkable is that existing fossil fuel infrastructure can be reused for storage and transportation under ambient conditions.

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Thinking outside the barrel. Unleashing the power of hydrogen in the Arab world.

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